How To Open Winchester Gun Safe Door

Winchester safe made in the USA. No doubt! These gun safes are reliable and strong. The manufacturer claims to use the cutting edge technology to ensure the excellent quality. The company never settle their technology it is constantly improving to meet and exceed the industry demand.

How To Open Winchester Gun Safe Door

There is a huge demand for WinchesterSafes guns as every year 2.5 million home break-ins are reported as per the survey. The features like the recessed door, anti-pry tabs, solid steel hinges, large dead locking bolts and reinforced door jambs helps to deliver complete protection from the theft. The safes are built with 12 ga. and thick steel that has been surpassed the rigorous testing for residential security. That makes Winchester Gun safe as a leader in this industry.

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Enjoy safety and trouble-free protection of your valuables with a very little maintenance on your part. After the successful installation of your safe, you need to know how to open the door of your gun safe.

These safes are available with mechanical and electronic locks. This article is about how to open the door of a Winchester gun safe. We designed simple steps to open mechanical and electronic locks.

How To Open The Mechanical Lock of Winchester Gun Safe

S&G (Sargent and Greenleaf) is the most trusted and reliable lock used in the industry these days. The lock on your gun safe is either top or front reading dial and dial ring. These locks are made from brass, do not need any lubrication of any type. You can enjoy the reliable functionality with little or no service. A deviation of little as a half number of the combination is sufficient to not allow the lock to open. We have designed some simple steps to open the door of your safe.

Step 1

Turn the dial anticlockwise at least 3 revolutions and stop with the first number comes to the index mark.

Step 2

Move the dial clockwise passing the second number twice and stop when it comes to the index mark a third time.

Step 3

Turn the dial anti clockwise passing the third number once and stop when it comes to the index mark for the second time.

Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise until you feel the dial tighten slightly. Use fingertip pressure only and continue turning the dial until it stops. The lock is open. Rotate the safe handle clockwise and retract the bolt work and open the door.

Points to keep in mind while opening the door of a safe

  • Always dial the combination on the index mark at 12 o’clock. The index mark at 11 o’clock is for service only.
  • Turn the dial slowly remember use finger-tip pressure only.
  • Never pass your number in the dialing sequence, even by the smallest amount. If you do, the lock will not open, you need to start over and redial your combination.
  • For good visibility on your dial, you must have an ample light. You need to stand directly in front of your dial when running the combinations. Never stand on the side of the dial. The Parallax view could be sufficient for you to go over or under your number and lock will not open.

Points to avoid while opening the door of a safe

  • Never spin the dial in a rapid motion or turn it back and forth. It can damage the lock to the point that it will not open and you will remain out of the safe.
  • Don’t use any kind of lubricant.
  • Do not dial past combination of number and continue dialing. The lock will not open. You need to start from the first step and redial the entire combination.
  • Never store your manual and your combination in your safe.

Common points to keep in mind

  • You must ensure that there will be no obstruction inside you safe that blocks the door from closing or opening and movement of locking bolts.
  • Just close the door and rotate the handle anti-clockwise until it comes to a solid stop.
  • Just turn the dial counter clockwise at least three revolutions. The safe is now locked.

How to open an Electronic Lock

The electronic locks of Winchester gun safes are available in various brands like S&G, Securam, LP Lock, LP Gard (Chrome) LA Gard (Black) and La Gard (Gold). You are suggested to choose a combination of 6 digits from 1 to 6 as per your choice.

Step 1

First of all, you need to install the battery that is located inside the keypad. To install the battery, you need to find a sliding door at the bottom the keypad. Through the keypad, you can access to the battery. Slide the door to the right to open it. Pull the battery connector and wires down in a gentle manner. Attach a new 9-volt ALKALINE battery to the connector. Push the battery and wires into the compartment and close the sliding door to the left. Now the lock of your safe is ready to use.

Step 2

Enter the factory set combination 1-2-3-4-5-6 and turn the handle clock wise to open the lock. After entering the correct number, you will listen to single beep after each entry. And hear the 2 beeps after entering the last number. The two-beep sound is an indication that you have entered the correct combination. Whereas in the case of three beeps it means you have incorrectly entered the combination.

You can set the combination of the factory set within 5 seconds after entering your combination and getting two deep sound, turn the safe handle clockwise to pull in the locking bolts and open the door. If the handle of the safe is not turned the five-second window, the lock will automatically go back into the locked mode. In this case, you need to enter the combination again.

Step 3

Choose your personal combination for 6-digit that only you know and recall easily. Give some time to choose a combination and give the proper attention it requires. Once you finalize your combination, write that in the spaces provided.

Step 4

You need to keep an eye on the instruction given above in step 2 to open the door. The door is to remain open until the step Setting Your Personal Combination process if finished. It helps to prevent a lockout condition if a mistake is made in the combination changing procedure.

How to operate and change the instructions of an electronic lock of your Winchester gun safe

Keeping the door open of your safe, enter the new combination. If you changed is successfully you will get 2 beeps after the entry. The handle will turn clockwise and tracks the locking bolts.

Whenever you listen to three beeps, you must start over at the beginning of step 3 given above and repeat the entire process.

How you change Electronic lock of your Winchester setting in future

You can change 6-digit combination at any time you want to do the same. Follow the SETTING YOUR PERSONAL COMBINATION instructions. You can use your personal combination except 1-2-3-4-5-6 and all other steps are same which is given above.

What the measures are in case of repeat beeping

After the entry of 6-digit combination indicates that the battery of electronic lock is low. The safe can be opened, but you precautionary you need to change the battery 9-volt ALKALINE battery made by ENERGIZER OF DURACELL. The battery needs to be changed immediately to avoid its fully dead.

Can you open the safe in the dead battery?

Don’t panic! Your combination is child safe in the lock in case power is lost. After installing the battery, you can use the lock normally.

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