Where is The Best Place to Put a Gun Safe

One of the first things that you need to consider when buying a gun safe is where you plan to place it.

There is no a ultimate solution to this problem and it very much depends on your personal needs.

One of the most important factors is the size of the gun safe. If you plan to keep just one or two guns, it will be a piece of cake to find where to put such a small box. But there are safes which can store more than 10 or even 15 guns which make them quite large and they need to have a very well considered location in your house.

put a gun safeAnother important thing is the access. Those who collect guns might not need a quick access to their safes. But if you keep a gun for protection the easy access might be life saving. The collectors on the other hand, need to think about protection of the guns. It is always a good idea to keep the gun safe in a dry place even though some safes come with a humidifier.

Another important aspect when looking for a place for the gun safe is whether you want it to be visible or not. There are many safes which can be installed on wall and they look good enough to be part of your interior design. On the other hand, there are people who prefer the safe to be in a closet or even in the garage or the basement of the house where it will not be seen by casual observers.

The modern gun safes also give a chance for an upgrade with additional place for guns or some cool accessories. You must chose the location of your safe carefully and if you decide to upgrade in a few years, make sure the location will not prevent that.

When choosing a place for the gun safe, take some time and think about at least three possible places where you can put it. Then make a list of pros and cons and if in doubt, you can always look for useful advice from people who already installed a safe gun in their home.

Who Can Use Gun Safe?

Best Handgun SafeAnyone! If you have a gun to store, you can benefit from a gun safe!

In fact, if you have some valuables to protect, a box-type gun safe would come in handy.

But if we are to go into particulars, here are the people who might want to buy the top rated gun safes today:

  • Police officers. Or any person in service who is issued with a firearm.
  • Parents who keep a gun at home. Keep them away from kids at all cost!
  • People living alone. Make sure you still keep your gun in a safe so you know exactly where to find it when needed.

Gun Safe Installation Tips

One of the first problems every owner of a new gun safe stumbles across is the proper installation. You can always pay a professional to do it especially if you don’t feel handy enough. This will cost you quite some money though so another option is to do it yourself.

gun safe installationWhen installing a gun safe first choose the right place for it. Most people prefer if the safe is not visible to everyone that comes to their place. After all no one needs an invitation “Come and try to open my gun safe”, that’s why people prefer their gun safes in a more private room, the basement or the garage. Make sure there is enough room for the safe and that once installed the door can open completely.

Next thing you need to make sure is that the safe is flat against the wall or on the floor. Then you can drill the holes and attach the safe with the bolts.

Since the safes are usually quite heavy, you need to check if the weight limits of the floor can support it. Ensure that you are not cutting any load-bearing supports such as beams, struts or studs.

If you choose a hidden gun safe, the installation process might be a bit more complicated since you will need to cut an opening into the wall or the floor. It has to be large enough not only for the safe to fit comfortably in it but also to give you enough space to open the door completely.

It is always a good idea not to dispose the gun safe’s package in your household garbage or at a visible place in front of your place. After all you don’t want to tell some potential intruders “Hey, I have some guns at my place”.

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