Best Under Bed Gun Safes (Analyzed & Reviewed)

Looking for the best under bed gun safe? You are in the right place. We have reviewed some of the best in the market & will take you through the buying guide.

If you are a firearm proprietor you know warding off your firearms from a criminal and kids is a major part owning a weapon. Under bed weapon safes are extraordinary speculations for all firearm proprietors.

The explanation is, many weapon safes are enormous and can’t be covered up. An enormous firearm safe can be messed with by a thief.

Weapon safe organizations typically have a guarantee set up in the occasion a thief harms your firearm safe however if that the guarantee is obsolete you should fix the safe from your own money or buy another safe.

You likewise need a protected that will make getting to your weapon open in the occasion an interloper enters your home. An under-bed firearm safe is an extraordinary speculation for all weapon proprietors.

It is made for simple access and secure stockpiling. Having a firearm bolted away under your bed that you can rapidly access will give you a superior significant serenity.

On the off chance that you have a handgun for security, it will be futile on if you have it secured a bigger weapon safe and isn’t effectively gotten to.

Some of them come up with a biometric unique mark lock, so you can get to your firearm rapidly with one finger touch. It requires no time to enter a biometric under the bed safe that it does with a bigger safe since you don’t need to take valuable time to entering a mix or mishandling with combination keys.

You should investigate one on the off chance that you have small kids in your home.

Top 6 Best Under Bed Gun Safes

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1. Monster Vault Under the Bed Safe T1261

Monster Vault Under the Bed SafeThe name Beast Vault is suitable for this under the bed safe. Its substantial cabinet can fit a few expansive firearms alongside connections, magazines, and some other things. It’s the heaviest and most secure under the bed/bedside firearm safe of this audit.

A lot of that originates from the 16 measure chilly moved steel, joined with a 12 check plate welded to the 16 measure cabinet front. This makes the aggregate thickness well over ⅛”. This additional insurance makes the powerful thickness for the best and base 11 measure and the sides 7 check.

It can convey 100 lbs. of limit in the cabinet. Mounting openings on the base, alongside its weight make this a protected that won’t be removed. On the off chance that an off base code is entered multiple times consecutively, a five-minute secure lockout period will start. The keypad will end up debilitated. After the time terminates, the safe can be opened with the right code. A supersede key will open the safe, yet won’t influence the lockout time frame.

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2. Stealth Defense Vault DV652

Stealth Defense Vault DV652On the off chance that you at any point longed for putting away your shotgun or rifle under your bed, yet at the same time have it securely bolted up and inaccessible for your children, the Stealth Guard Vault DV652, is the best bedside weapon safe you ought to put resources into!

This safe is designed by superb quality details and created in light of the application. It is really one of a kind when contrasted with other weapon safes intended to be put under bed.

This current safe’s most critical component is its Stealth Electronic Bolt. The bolt is a similar kind they fit on weapon safes with high security. When you contact the bolt it lights up which enables you to see its numbers in murkiness.

At present this is the sole under the bed safe with a keypad that enlightens and I simply love this element.

The safe weighs 74 pounds and is made of 14 check steel which represents a substantial choice considering home resistance for the capacity of your weapon under the bed.

With its four mounting openings which are pre-bored, it is anything but difficult to mount it as you will get the mounting equipment when buying the safe. This protected offers secure capacity for your weapon under the bed with quick openness. It is additionally California DOJ affirmed.

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3. American Security Defense Vault

American Security Defense VaultThe AMSEC Resistance Vault is developed of 14 measure steel, a froth inside and an interesting 5-point slide locking bar system to shield your weapons from unapproved clients. The keypad illuminates when squeezed, which helps in entering the right six-digit code when it’s dim. While it isn’t fire or waterproof, it will keep out youngsters and interlopers.

It had 4 grapple gaps on the best and base for mounting. While there is no low battery pointer or reinforcement key included, the battery is open all things considered, should it bite the dust.

The cabinet slides out easily. Putting away two rifles will be tight if at all conceivable when you think about connections, magazines, and optics. In any case, one rifle or shotgun with a couple of handguns leaves a lot of space for different things you might need to store.

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4. Hornady Rapid Safe 98190

Hornady Rapid Safe 98190Hornady is a brand that is well known for their RFID innovation you can discover in this level weapon safe. It is an innovation that enables you to open the weapon safe without contacting with uncommon RFID customized keys.

Those keys are really key coxcombs, wristband, and stickers which implies you can impart it to individuals you trust.

The second bolt you can utilize is a computerized mix bolt that requires 4-6 digit Stick number you can impart to individuals you trust on the off chance that you need. You can store at least two long firearms inside yet that relies upon the sort of the long weapon.

The weapon safe is made of 16-check steel development and it has interior solidified bolting lungs which implies that it is for all intents and purposes difficult to break into.

The RFID and advanced blend locks require power and this safe has the air conditioner control which implies you won’t come up short on power. The protected meets ASTM guidelines for tyke wellbeing and it has persevered through a few tests so it is demonstrated quality.

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5. SnapSafe 75400 Under Bed Gun Safe

SnapSafe 75401 Under Bed SafeThis is the slightest costly of the six we’ve investigated, and one of the minimum costly of its sort. The SnapSafe Under the Bed Weapon Safe is developed of 16 check steel and weighs about 130 lbs. The entryway is recessed to decrease prying endeavors and is anchored with two ⅝” steel jolts.

A 4 ft. 10mm steel PVC-covered security link that can be rushed to the inside of the safe, is incorporated. It very well may be utilized to join to a bed outline, SUV tiedown, or to a stud in the divider. There are floor stays. You should evacuate the cabinet for establishment.

It’s exceptionally prescribed to jolt any safe down. Nobody is breaking into this safe while they are at your home, they should cut the security link, get the overwhelming safe with all its substantial substance, and will attempt to open it somewhere else.

It is a decent size and can hold up to 3 shotguns or rifles, contingent upon connections on the covered inside. The cabinet payload acknowledges 100+ lbs. What’s more, coasts easily to open and close once opened.

A keypad is utilized to open the safe, and rounded reinforcement keys are incorporated. It doesn’t have an illuminated keypad and this might be an issue with regards to opening your safe in low lighting circumstances.

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6. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

Titan Gun Safe Pistol VaultThe Titan weapon vault is the most well known Titan firearm safe because of its basic structure and incredible execution. It is viewed as the world’s quickest conveying weapon sheltered and because of its plan it can put away to 1 handgun and it accompanies an exceptional holster for it so you can rapidly respond.

Its structure enables you to store it in your vehicle, under the work area or along the edge of your end table so it is an adaptable firearm safe. It has vertical and level mounting alternatives which are incredible in light of the fact that you can modify it to you.

The whole protected is made of 14-check solidified steel and it accompanies a mechanical bolt that doesn’t require any sort of batteries.

Other than being a California DOJ affirmed Titan weapon vault it likewise meets the TSA aircraft gun rules so it is an extraordinary decision for voyaging and having at home or office.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Under Bed Gun Safes

Ease of Access

This is the primary critical interesting point. You need a sheltered that gives moment access to your weapon when a crisis strikes. The best alternative here is essentially a safe with a biometric bolt since they ensure fast access with only a swipe of a finger.

Another extraordinary alternative may be an electronic bolt that utilizes a keypad mix, however this one will require acing a mix code, so biometric safe stays to be the best choice.

Nature of the fabricate

To the extent security and pry obstruction is concerned, you need a protected that is made of thick steel. Something besides this won’t hold up to altering.

With 12 measure steel and up, a safe is nearly sealed and will ensure no unapproved hands access your weapon or resources. Along these lines, it’s essential that you consider safes that are substantial with an external shell made of 12 measure steel or above.


The reason for any under bed safe is to safely store your guns and for this to be conceivable, your guns must fit in any case. Along these lines, limit is similarly an imperative factor to think about before purchasing a safe.

By and large, your decision will rely upon the sort of gun you claim. In the event that you have long firearms, you will require a bigger under bed safe such like the ones in our best under bed safes for long weapons. You may likewise require an open safe on the off chance that you are hoping to store different things like ammo and critical reports or adornments.

On the off chance that you are working with handguns, short firearm bedside safes are perfect. These are likewise the best choices for putting away assets like adornments and records.

Stature and Mountability

It very well may baffle when you purchase an under bed safe just to discover that it can’t fit under your bed. Along these lines, this is likewise a factor you would prefer not to disregard. It’s astute to initially decide the element of your bed outline so you can get a protected that will unequivocally fit under your bed without any issues.

Mountability is additionally imperative, particularly for short gun under bed safe in light of the fact that their little size makes it simple for a gatecrasher to divert them. In this way, you should affirm that the safe is planned with a dash down capacity for anchoring it on the floor under the bed.


With regards to adaptability, you should take a gander at three things. To start with, the weapon safe should have the capacity to suit bot right and left-gave individuals, so you can position it on either side of the bed contingent upon your ideal hand and furthermore in light of the fact that you need to have the capacity to agreeable and effortlessly get to it from a solid position.

Besides, a sheltered that offers different locking frameworks is greatly improved than one that uses just a single bolt. You would need a sheltered that has both a biometric bolt and an ordinary keyed bolt or an electronic keypad bolt with a standard keyed bolt. This is to guarantee reinforcement openness should one bolt come up short.

At long last, on the off chance that you are running with a sheltered that keeps running on battery, I would suggest you affirm whether it includes a possibility for extra controlling like a link to interface with a divider outlet.

The principle purpose behind this is batteries some of the time are not 100% solid, and if the safe does not have a capacity of alarming you when the batteries dry out, you may wind up endeavoring to get to the safe amid a crisis just to discover that is it’s dead. That can be extremely hazardous particularly amid an interruption, and you have every one of your weapons secured up in the safe.


Which one is the best for me? Indeed, that relies upon your identity. We want to have demonstrated to all of you have to think about choosing which is the best under bed gun safes alright for you. On the off chance that speedy access at the expense of less security is for you, the end table, bedside, or furniture weapon stockpiling boxes will address your issues.

In the event that you need the adaptability of placing it in a cabinet, under your bed, in a storage room or need it to be versatile, a conventional handgun safe will be sufficient.

On the off chance that you require space for rifles or shotguns, a heavier obligation under bed gun safe is likely your most solid option. They have the most security and storage room while being effortlessly and rapidly open immediately.

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