Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Details Review

If you are looking for a very reasonably priced & well-made safe that will provide easy storage & concealment for your firearm, Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe can indeed be what you need.

Our review reveals that PDS-1500 is one of the models that offer the best bang for your buck.

Although it is not actually and specifically designed as a gun safe, it offers almost everything a normal gun safe would provide, minus the price tag.

What’s best about this model in our opinion is that the compact size offers you two distinct options.

You can mount it (which by the way is very easy to do) if you need a safe only at a single place (home or office), or you can put it inside a drawer or closet without mounting so that you can take it with you during business trips, family holidays, etc.

Note: Previously known as Stack On PDS 500

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Stack-On PDS-1500 Features

The Stack-On PDS-1500 is very well constructed. The plate steel doors are very sturdy and give an ultimate sense of security.

It can actually house more than one gun; a .380 and a .22 can fit inside the safe.

The unit comes with concealed hinges that add a second layer of safety, which easily adds to your peace of mind.

The safe comes with two pre-drilled holes at the back which make it a breeze to mount. All you have to do is to drill to identical holes in your drawer, closet, etc. and have the job done.

The 4 AA batteries that are provided in the box actually last for months, making the safe very cost effective to use.


The Stack-On PDS-1500 Cabinet Safe is a conservative advanced safe that ensures little significant things. It’s moderate, costing around $40; truth be told, it’s the minimum costly safe we assessed.

The PDS-1500 is additionally the littlest safe we took a gander at, with an inside limit of simply 0.13 cubic feet, which limits what it can hold.

Despite the fact that it’s little and lightweight, it gives extraordinary security to individual reports and little assets at home, out and about or in the workplace.

The PDS-1500 Cabinet Safe has been affirmed by the California DOJ for weapon stockpiling, as it meets measures for gun security. In any case, it isn’t heat proof.

Stack-On PDS-500This home safe anchors your archives and assets behind a strong steel entryway. The entryway is pry-safe, with hid pivots and two steel live-activity jolts. Be that as it may, this safe does not meet UL guidelines for theft obstruction, offering just fundamental security.

While it’s troublesome for a hoodlum to break into the protected, it’s as yet a smart thought to mount or jolt it to the floor, a rack or a divider for extra security.

Since it’s so minimized, you can likewise introduce the safe in a cabinet. The PDS-1500 accompanies all the equipment you have to jolt it down.

This Stack-On safe’s electronic bolt has a simple to-peruse keypad and incorporates a low-battery cautioning light.

The keypad incorporates a timeout period, which incidentally incapacitates the bolt after three off base endeavors at the mix to hinder cheats from attempting to figure the code.

If the battery bites the dust or you overlook your code, the protected accompanies a reinforcement key.

Stack-On likewise moves an increasingly costly variation of this sheltered opens utilizing unique mark acknowledgment, which is a pleasant alternative to have.

Outwardly, the protected estimates 12 x 8.75 x 4.5 inches. The PDS-1500 Cabinet Safe weighs 13.5 pounds, like the SentrySafe X055, another home safe we assessed.

A standout amongst the most remarkable things about the PDS-1500 is it has a three-year guarantee, which is any longer than the one-year guarantees a few makers offer on safes that cost considerably more.

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Like we said in the beginning, we were actually surprised to see how sturdy and well-constructed the safe was, especially when considering the low price. The door is thick steel and clearly shows the quality of material used.

The keypad and the keyhole offer two modes to access the contents. You can either use the keypad and enter your combination or simply use your key (the box contains 2 keys).

The safe also has 2 pins that make tempering very hard, which is a very nice feature to have in such a low priced safe.

And what we liked most about PDS-1500 is that it’s actually portable.

Although general practice is to mount such safes, you don’t have to mount it, and the compact size and design make it easy to take it with you whenever you go out of town on business, for family visits, whatsoever.


The most obvious con we found was that the foam inside the safe is not very good. You may want to remove it, but then you would be taking the risk of scratching your gun or any other valuables you put inside.

Instead, you can use a mat or something to replace the original foam and solve the problem.

Although this is not exactly a con, we have a suggestion that would make life easier, especially if you will be keeping your guns inside.

If you mount the safe normally, you will need to use both hands to keep the door open and take your gun.

If, however, you mount it upside down, the door will automatically open without any intervention and you will be able to reach your gun in a second.

Keep this in mind and mount (or keep) the safe upside down not to risk losing vital seconds in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does the Stack-On PDS-1500 have back up key access?

A: it accompanies two keys that as a reinforcement.

Q: Would this protected hold a gun of normal size?

A: yes.

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We are happy to say that the final result of our Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock Review is quite positive and we recommend this product as one of the best priced alternatives currently on the market.

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