Top 10 Stack On Gun Safes

Founded in 1972, stack-on is a storage company that manufactures products to help people with their unique challenges. With just a few employees at start off, the brand built its first facility near Chicago and has since grown larger than most of its competitors.

This brand is dedicated to providing a wide range of secure gun safes. These are not only reliable but also dependable and can handle everything from small handguns to long scoped rifles effortlessly. With so many stack-on safe on the market today, how do you know which is best suited for your needs? You don’t have to worry any more! We’ve compiled our list of the top 10 stack-on gun safes with all the features you need in order to pick something perfect for you. Read on below!

Recommended Stack-On Gun Safes

1. Stack-On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Compact

Stack-On GCB-910

If you don’t have many guns and do not expect to get more in the future, then a Stack-On 8 gun safe should be good enough for your needs. Or if 10 is too much storage space, consider getting this smaller version instead: it weighs just 50 pounds so won’t pose installation problems like other safes made of steel can. This cabinet is not for those who are worried about someone trying to get into the weapons. It would take a lot of time and patience with crowbar in hand, but if you don’t mind your guests seeing guns hanging on walls then this should be good enough!

The cabinet has a three-point locking mechanism. It is hard for burglars to pry open the safe with this lock, because it locks in both the middle and top/bottom of the door when you turn your key. The hardware on this safe is also protected against outside forces that could try to take it apart by using tools like wrenches – there are no exposed pieces at all! This reminder might come in handy if you decide to purchase one: make sure not miss where they’ve taped or placed your keys before moving onto other things.

A friend of mine got this safe for a small collection of firearms. He had one shotgun, a long rifle, two handguns and several scopes in the cabinet. But he mentioned how the door was large enough to quickly draw out his weapons when necessary. One drawback is that it doesn’t have adjustable shelves which may be an issue depending on how many guns you own or plan to store here

2. Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Cabinet

Stack-On GCDB-924

If you’re looking for a cheap gun cabinet that doesn’t sacrifice quality, this Stack-On model is the one. It’s spacious and easy to install so if you live in California it meets state requirements. With its black finish, your living room will look more sophisticated than ever before! This safe has been reviewed on Amazon at 4 stars from over 50 reviews with many saying they had no trouble installing or using their new product by their own self or when following directions given by customer service team members who have already gone through similar situations themselves.

This cabinet is great for storing both handguns and rifles. It has enough space to hold 10 rifles, so you’ll have plenty of room for your collection. On the left side are shelves where you can place two big auto pistols next to each other or in-between them if there’s not enough space on one shelf! You could also put jewelry and other valuables on these shelves without worrying about damaging them because they’re padded with soft foam material that will keep everything safe from damage due to contact during transport or storage. And even better: The shelves come out when you need more floor/wallpace which makes this a truly flexible piece of furniture

Installation of this cabinet will be a piece of cake. With pre-drilled mounting holes and flush mount bottom, it is easy to attach the cabinet to the wall or floor. It weighs at around 116 pounds so ask someone for help when moving it as well!

As far as safety goes, the safe is great. After reading a bunch of customer reviews on Amazon and talking to friends who own this gun cabinet, I’ve concluded that only determined criminals will be able to crack it open. The three-point locking system makes it pretty secure; additionally, there’s one key for each side so you don’t need access all sides if you want quick access to items stored in one spot (to avoid having both keys exposed).

3. Stack-On FS-14-MG-C 14-Gun Safe

Stack-On FS-14-MG-C

This fire resistant safe is great for storing firearms and other valuables. It has different levels where you can store ammo, scope, jewelry and more! The California DOJ did a series of tests on this safe to certify its safety standards. reviewers have said that the combo lock of this safe is very effective, even when tested to be fire resistant up to 30 minutes at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

For those of you who own more than 8 long guns, the right side should be able to store up to all your shotguns. You can then put other small weapons on the left side of this safe that is advertised as a Stack-On 14 gun safe. I feel it would be tough for most people with only one or two long rifles if they are looking at purchasing this product because it may not hold them properly and safely due to their specific size.

The safe also has a useful permanent shelf on the top, which I like to use for storing money and jewelry. The left side of the interior is equipped with several movable shelves that you can add or remove depending on your desired level for storage; it’s really nice they give you options here! Finally, don’t forget about how this safe comes with padding inside.

This safe is a beast, weighing close to 300 pounds. Fortunately, it’s easy enough for one or two people to put in place – you can mount the gun safes floor and wall so that they won’t be stolen by burglars!

4. Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Safe Cabinet

Stack-On GCDG-9216

This gun safe is a top-of-the line cabinet that has four removable steel shelves and a separate key for each door. It can hold up to 31 guns, as well as other valuable items such as jewelry or cameras. The unit itself is made of solid steel with three doors that have their own keys so you don’t need both opened at the same time to access your property.

This safe is spacious and contains enough space for 16 rifles or shotguns on the right side, as well as ammunition, survival gear, oils and scopes. You can customize your cabinet to fit your needs. You just need to remove the steel shelves, and you’ll be able to store shotguns right in between them. Or keep those shelves there so that handguns are displayed nicely with their ammunition on top of it all!

This cabinet holds up to 147 pounds and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes. Fastening it to the floor or wall should be easy because of these, but you might need someone else’s help in installing this heavy piece since there is no weight information provided on reviews for the product. It also has two top mountings which can come in handy when hanging objects so keep that in mind if you’re planning a DIY project!

With a reinforced, full-sized steel door and three point locking system that is key coded and double bitted for greater security it takes burglars quite some time to open. It’s not fire proof but provides decent level of protection from unauthorized individuals as well as children with access to the guns stored inside.

This safe offers a basic level of protection, but it’s not fireproof. However, if you need storage at an affordable price point for your weapons this is good choice with remarkable build quality and ease of installation.

5. Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24-Gun Cabinet

Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24

This safe is great for people who own many guns. It can hold up to 24 long-barreled rifles that are 54 inches tall, and has 4 adjustable shelves inside the box where you’ll be able store your valuables like scopes or ammo easily. This particular model also comes with a 3 number combination lock which makes it nearly impossible for burglars to get in if they break into your house when no one’s around – only determined criminals will even attempt this! For added security, there’s an additional steel plate behind the lock so not just anyone can access all of these important items safely housed within this spacious container.

The Stack-On 24 gun safe is intended for small guns, but people have had success fitting in large rifles. The shelves can be adjusted based on the size of your collection and they may need to removed if you plan to fit a lot of full sized rifles inside this unit.

If you’re looking for a safe that’s easy to remember, then this three number lock is just what you need. If the battery dies or if someone guesses your code wrong and locks themselves out of it, simply call up customer support at Stack-On! They will verify who owns it so you can be let in again with no trouble.

Despite a few drawbacks, I still think this Stack-On electronic gun safe is the best in its price range. The keypad is spacious and won’t lead to sloppy inputting of a key combination even when pressed with sweaty fingers from anxiety during an intruder situation. However, one thing that can be hard for me to see are numbers on low light conditions because there isn’t any backlighting available which could have been helpful at times but also jacks up the price making it unaffordable for many people who want something simple yet effective enough against break ins or burglars.

6. Stack-On E-16-MG-C Elite 16 Gun Security Safe

Stack-On E-16-MG-C

The stack-on tactical gun cabinet is one of the safest on the market. Not only does it offer quality and reliability, but you get extra comfort with its ease of use. Furthermore, this safe offers more than just a typical model because in addition to being affordable, features are included that make storing your valuables easier for you!

This safe is not only listed as a California Department of Justice firearms safety device but it also meets the requirements set by Section 12088 and all regulations issued under this code. This safe has been tested and verified to be fire resistant for 30 minutes up to 14000F by an ETL independent testing lab.

You will like the fact that, just in case the safe is under high temperatures, its door can strip and expand to seal and save any contents from harm during a fire. For maximum security, it comes as a large steel-lined safe with 3 spokes locking mechanism which allows you extension or retraction of bolts during live action lockings. As such doors are filled with anti-fire retardant material so your valuables remain unharmed even through worst fires.

7. Stack-On E-24-MB-E-S Elite 24 Gun Security Safe

Stack-On E-24-MB-E-S

The California Department of Justice approves this safe for storing guns. The safe meets the standards set by the Penal Code Section 12088 and is built to ensure gun safety while allowing you easy access to your weapon in case of danger or unexpected event.

The safe is ETL approved for fire resistance, allowing you to store valuable items without worrying about them being destroyed in a blaze. This premium security system comes with an electronic lock and storage space that will ensure your valuables are kept intact from unauthorized access thanks to its unique design. The smart Elite series 4-way locking system also adds extra protection by including 1 ½ inch steel bolts – 10 strong locks overall made of solid metal attached securely into the wall. Even if someone tries breaking through this sturdy door they won’t be successful since there isn’t any way inside!

From the above mentioned details, it can be seen that this safe is impressively resistant to fire for 30 minutes or up to 14000 F. Furthermore, you are likely enjoy knowing more about how its door expands in case of a breakout and also rotates so as lock all of your documents away from harm during fires. Finally, reinforced steel doors with protective walling inside them prevent any damages caused by external agents like fire while protecting items within the Safe itself.

8. Stack-On GCG-900 Steel Cabinet

Stack-On GCG-900

This safe is approved by the California safety guidelines as a firearm cabinet. The steel box construction and three-point locking system make it almost impossible for anyone to access except its owner, while double key coded lock provides extra security. It also has full length welded piano hinge.

This safe is worth your money for sure given the fact that it comes with a contoured non-marring barrel rest and stand offs so you can put your scoped guns on display. Moreover, its pre drilled mounting holes make it easy to attach any of your weapons to the floor or wall.

9. Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S Fire Resistant Tactical Safe

Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S

This fire-resistant safe allows you to store your weapons with ease. It is tested by ETL as a great safety standard, and meets all the requirements of California’s department for justice in terms of firearm storage. The 4-way locking system has 1.5 inch steel tapered live action bolts which are easily retracted just by turning the 3 spoke handle made from solid steel.

The fireproof safe is made of steel and has been tested to resist 1400 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. It also contains a door filled with material that expands when exposed immediately to a fire breakout so you can seal it shut while inside the safe.

If you use tactical weapons, the storage section comes with an included barrel support that adds extra depth to fit your guns. If you’re a professional gun owner or armory seller, this is convenient because it allows for easy access and storing of multiple rifles on each side of the wall. You also have options like converting part of it into shelves if desired so you can store supplies such as ammo there too.

10. Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Cabinet

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS

The Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet is approved by the California Department of Justice, having met their standards for storage. This dependable safe holds two tactical weapons and up to 14 standard rifles or shotguns. Additionally, its 2 gun tactical storage has included adjustable barrel rests that are extended in order to accommodate extra depth needed for storing your extras!

The Tactical Gun Storage Rack has seven spaces on each side that you can use for your rifles or shotguns. You can also switch them to store ammo, pistols and other valuables too! I was impressed by how quickly it’s possible to convert the storage section from one thing to another.

This safe is designed with a 3-point locking system for the extra security. It’s equipped with double bitted key and coded cylinder locks to keep your belongings secure at all times. The safe also has riveted steel tread plate panels, silver/gray accents, and black hammer tone paint finish on door that acts as an accent beautifully fused in this design of neutral colors.

Which One is the Best?

The Stack-On 10 gun safe is perfect for those who want a compact, affordable option that will keep their firearms secure. It’s the best selling model of all Stack-on safes and has 4 shelves to hold other valuables. The steel construction provides excellent fire protection, making it a great choice for anyone living in an area with frequent wildfires or other natural disasters. For those looking to store more than 10 guns, the 12 gun model may be better suited for your needs as it offers twice as many storage spaces inside its 100% steel exterior.

The stack-on gun safes are a tried and true method for storing firearms, but with so many brands on the market today it can be hard to find one that suits your needs. We hope you’ve found our list of 10 top rated gunsafe models helpful in your search. If not, don’t worry! Our website also includes detailed reviews about other popular brands if you’re looking to explore different options.

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