How to Secure Your Shed – Quick Tips

Sheds are vulnerable to thieves because they sit away from your home making them difficult to keep an eye on, especially at night while you’re asleep. Sheds are where we keep our valuable outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, bicycles, and tool sets. This is why shed security is so important.

In this article I’m going to teach you how to protect those valuable items and increase your shed security. If you follow all of the tips listed below your shed will be in great shape!

Inspect it Before Buying

If you’re looking at buying a shed you need to make sure that it is build properly and can easily be set up to prevent burglars. Below I’m going to list various this you should check before buying a shed.

  • I don’t recommend buying a shed with windows, they are easy to break into.
  • Make sure the roof tiles are secure. Thieves have been known to break into sheds from the top.
  • The doors to the shed must be strong. There isn’t a point in putting locks on a shed if it can easily be kicked in.

Lock it up

Lock it upThe first step to securing your shed is using a hasp and staple door bolt latch. You can easily use a strong padlock to secure the door to your shed with the combination of these two you’re shed should be locked up tight.

Don’t just lock up your shed itself but try to lock down some of the tools and machinery in your shed as well. You can do this using a security cable and padlocks to tie everything together. If everything is connected by steel cables and locks the thief may decide your shed isn’t worth their time.

If they still attempt to pick the locks it will be incredibly time consuming. This is why you should have a shed alarm as well. When the alarm triggers the thief will have very limited time to steal from your shed and run away. The locks will take up way too much of the small amount of time they have.

Non-Returnable Screws

Door hinges on the outside of shed doors are really easy to unscrew and remove. Once the hinges are taken off the door thieves can easily get into your shed and take any valuables.

This is an easy problem to fix if you install coach bolts. Coach bolts are designed so once put in they cannot be easily unscrewed. Burglars are usually in a rush and probably don’t want to take the time to figure out how to unscrew the coach bolts.


AlarmsAlarms are great tools to have if you’re trying to scare and burglars away or notify yourself of the burglary.

There is only one problem with shed alarms though and that is that they don’t go off until the door to you shed is already open. This means that the burglar is already inside your shed where your tools are loose and free for the taking. Even if the thieves plan on running they will no doubt have enough time to steal something before they run. Once again this is why you should always use security cables.

I always recommend having an alarm though. When the alarm goes off you’re likely to hear it and run outside. If you get outside fast enough you may have enough time to try and stop the thief or at least see their faces so you can notify the authorities.

Motion Sensing Lights

Motion Sensing LightsThieves are always afraid of being seen. This is why most burglaries occur at night. Motion sensing lights will automatically turn on when they sense motion. This can brighten your yard and push thieves to flee from sight.

You should place the motion sensing lights outside your house as well as outside the shed. If you can stop the burglars before they even get to your shed that could save you a lot of time and money.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security CamerasThis won’t stop burglars from breaking into your shed completely but it could catch the thieves on camera so when you report it to the authorities you have a video that could lead to the return of any stolen goods. I highly suggest getting a security camera with night vision. If your shed is broken into at night you want to make sure you are able to see the thieves.

Security cameras are also incredibly beneficial to have because if anyone sees a security camera it could very well deter them from breaking into your home or shed.

If you aren’t able to afford a outdoor security camera you can always use fake security cameras and fake security signs. These are a cheap yet effective way to deter criminals. If they see your house and shed are protected by “Security Cameras” they may not want to attempt to steal from you.

Lock up your ladders

This is something most people don’t consider. If a burglar breaks into your shed they might not be looking to steal anything from your shed but instead are looking for a ladder so they can get into the second floor of your home.

This is why its important to make sure your ladder is tied down and secure with a security cable and lock.

If you have any questions about securing your shed please feel free to message us using our contact page.

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