How to Protect Your Home When You Go on Vacation

When we go on vacation our home is an easy target for anyone looking to break in and steal things for quick cash. If you’re here you must be wondering what you can do to prevent your home from being broke into while you’re on a beach in the Bahamas. I believe that I can help you with all of this. There are a few small things you can do to your home that could make all the difference.

Put your mail on hold

This is for those of you that are going to be out of town for a long period of time. Your mail can build up on your front porch or in your mail box while you’re out of town. This is obvious sign to any burglar that you aren’t at home.

All you need to do is stop by your local post office during business hours. When you get inside ask for a “Hold Mail Form”. When you finish filling that out you can hand it to your mail carrier or mail it back to the post office.

Finally call the postal service at 800-275-8777 and ask to schedule a vacation mail hold.

If you click here you can do it online as well. That is the much easier option.

Don’t Post on Social Media

A very common mistake that you shouldn’t make! Yes its fun to brag that you’re taking your family on that super expensive cruise but no, its not worth it.

People can see that your out of town if you’re mentioning it on Facebook or Twitter. As sad as it is it could be someone you’re friends with on social media that could decide to break into your home.

Try to wait until you’re back from vacation before you post anything. It could make a big difference later on.

Have someone house sit

This is an easy one. Have someone stay at your house and watch over your things at night just like if you were at the house instead of on vacation.

If you aren’t comfortable with someone staying inside your house while you’re away you could have a neighbor watch the house from a distance and just keep a gentle eye on things. If any family members live nearby you can have them actually go into your home and make sure nothing important is missing like the 48 inch plasma screen TV you just bought.

Block your garage window

garage-door-window1This isn’t something that everyone thinks about. When you go out of town  and your car isn’t in your garage where it usually is burglars can easily realize that you aren’t in your home watching your stuff.

This is an easy fix. You can easily just take a black piece of poster board of some sheet metal and stick it over the window. This will prevent anyone from seeing that your car isn’t there and your items are free for the taking.

I recommend leaving the paper or sheet metal there all the time though. If you only put it up when you’re out of town that’s a clear signal that you aren’t there.

Don’t leave a spare key

House_keyIts a lot easier to break into someones house and steal things when you have the key to their front door. This is why spare keys aren’t a very good idea. You aren’t being sneaky by hiding it under the one rock that is sitting on your front porch.

If you have to hide a spare key I suggest putting it somewhere away from your porch like on the side of your home. Wrap it in tin foil or some sort of cloth too. This still is a completely safe method but its the best method I can offer you if you have to leave a spare key.

Watch for fliers

This kind of goes with house watching in a way but is a little more simple. While you are away you may have stopped your newspaper and mail from delivering but you cant stop people from putting those annoying fliers on your door.

Have someone come and remove them from your from door while you’re away so it doesn’t look like you aren’t there.

Mow your lawn

If you’re the kind of person who mows your lawn once a week and has to have your gardens looking perfect this is a big one for you. You could be gone for a week or longer and things around the house will begin to look like they aren’t being tended too.

Pay someone to mow your lawn while your away. Make sure it isn’t someone who wont care about your lawn until the day before you come back. I usually look for a younger kid that’s looking for some work.

Double check locks

Before you leave on vacation go around your home and double check to make sure all the doors in your house are locked. Check your windows too because burglars can easily get in that way too.

This seems like a common sense tip buy people forget to lock doors all the time and this will make you feel dumb when your home gets broken into.

Make sure you have alarms set

Make sure you have alarms setYou have to set alarms before you leave! If you don’t have alarms around your home I highly suggest buying some. Alarms are the best way to make sure your home is protected while away. You can set up alarms with companies that call emergency services when your alarm goes off.

If you don’t have any alarms in your home you can buy a cheap one for your door and window here. It wont call any emergency services for you but it will ward of burglars if they break in and hear it go off.

If you’re interested in signing up for a home security system that will come to your homes aid when someone breaks into your home you can get that using ADT. To find out more you can visit their website here.

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