Gunvault Speedvault SV500 Details Review

As unfortunate as it is, the reality is that homeowners and business people need safety and security of a gun to protect their properties;

Our gunvault speedvault SV500 Review is aimed to help those who need a practical solution to keep their pistols safely tucked away & also easily reachable.

This handgun safe has several important features and specifications that set it aside from all others in the market.

SpeedVault SV500 has a revolutionary design that is not only user friendly but also technologically advanced. Just to know more about this gun vault, here is a detailed review.

Gunvault Speedvault SV500 Features

Quick activation and drop-down drawer: The situations that need the use of a gun are usually urgent and so the vault needs to offer fast and easy access to the handgun.

Multiple mounting options: The earlier versions of SpeedVault did not offer this features but the new SV500 series does.

This means that the safe can be put anywhere in the building as will be found convenient by the user of the gun.

18-gauge steel body: This high quality construction makes the safe durable, corrosion free and smooth. It also has a glossy black finish on the interior.

Foam-lined interior: The inner surface of the vault is lined with white foam, which offers superior protection to the gun at all times.

Biometric fingerprint scanner: This is a unique feature, which makes SpeedVault 250 very secure in warding off interference from children in the house or any outsiders.

Digital keypad: This is provided as a backup for the finger scanner incase the latter fails to work due to technical problems. To make it better, backup override key is also included.

LED and audio low battery warning: Since this gun safe is digital it means it is powered by some battery. If the power is low, the safe may not work appropriately. That is why a system that warns when the battery is low has been incorporated.

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No-Eyes Keypad

This novel safe is fundamentally opened utilizing Gunvault’s remarkable and propelled no-eyes keypad which is strategically placed on the best segment of the safe. It can without much of a stretch be modified by a client to store a mystery code.

Since the keypad can help deliver an overabundance of 12 million diverse mix varieties, this is a to a great degree safe approach to protect your hand weapon.

To open the protected, the client should simply put fingers on the 4 catches and afterward input the remarkable mix code.

20 Measure steel lodging

This one of a kind weapon vault highlights excellent vigorous outside development utilizing rock strong overwhelming measure steel which is right now the best in the market.

This sort of steel offers the best security since it doesn’t just give expanded usefulness yet in addition ensures high effect compel opposition.

The hearty idea of 20 Check steel renders this safe indestructible and for all intents and purposes difficult to break into utilizing hand apparatuses.

Thus the GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe is a much firm, durable and strong box that can’t be scratched by unapproved people.

Cutting edge alter identification highlight

Gunvault Speedvault SV500 Gun SafeThe make exhibits their responsibility to magnificence by including a novel alter recognition highlight n this safe.

An alter distinguish system is advantageously fitted to the console. It consequently bolts the keypad when in excess of 24 off base passages are inputted on the keypad.

After 24 mistaken sections the safe goes into rest mode for a time of two minutes. On the off chance that any keypad catches are squeezed amid this two-minute time span, the protected signals to alarm the enlisted client of unapproved endeavors to get to the vault.

Inside Froth Development to ensure security of assets

While the outside is produced using hearty 20-check steel lodging, the inside highlights a comfortable froth development structure that guarantees a client’s sensitive resources are sheltered from any potential harm.

Furthermore, the inside frame development additionally shields resources put away inside the safe from rattling particularly when the safe is being moved starting with one area then onto the next.

The kind of inside froth development in this safe has been verified to feature ideal effect opposition when presented to monstrous power.

Idiot proof security highlights

The bolt that is utilized on this versatile and lightweight safe is the ultra-solid high-quality form that is intended to guarantee the safe is difficult to break into.

The outside is unpredictably built is such a way, to the point that there are no shortcomings that an unapproved individual can endeavor to pry open the safe.

The exact fittings make an idiot proof safe that is essentially difficult to get to persuasively.

Another outstanding security include is the worked in PC squares which render the safe impervious after rehashed keypad passages.

Amazingly compact

The producer figures out how to give the client the best of the two universes which is propelled security without endangering on ease of use and accommodation.

The 20 measure steel lodging that is use to make the outside of this noteworthy safe is hearty and strong yet at the same time exceptionally lightweight.

Furthermore, the inside shape material is additionally to a great degree light. The final product is a protected that securely houses a client’s profitable is as yet lightweight enough to bear starting with one area then onto the next without making any burden the client.

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This gun safe offers friendly design and flexibility because of its multiple mounting options.

It is completely safe and secure especially when there are small children in the house. This is due to the presence of the foolproof electronic entry that is easily programmable.

The electronic keypad has flashes with light and produces a beep. The good thing is that you can tune the sound on- and off without a problem.

It has a great floodlight illuminating its interior. This creates a nice design and look.


The locking and unlocking of the electronic hatch produces some uncomfortable whining noise.

People who do not like bright light may not like the floodlight shining in the interior when the safe is opened.

The low battery warning is only activated when the keypad is touched. Thus, it may go off without your realizing.

The mounting screws are too short to allow for secure and steadfast wood mounting. In addition, the “L” mounting brackets has fewer screw holes and this limits the fastening options.

Frequent Asked Question

Q: Which one is the best battery to use for this weapon safe?

A: The producer encourages clients to settle on all basic battery, for example, Energizer or Duracell which lapse after around 5 years. This ensures greatest proficiency and furthermore guarantees that the battery endures long without requiring substitution.

Q: Does this sheltered accompany some other valuable locking instrument or even a link?

An: Indeed, this protected accompanies a link that is four inches in length and furthermore accompanies an included IS. The security link is unwavering and will help improve the wellbeing of your resources.

You should simply basically tie the link inside the sheltered handles on the safe and on another thing which likewise has handles.

Q: What do I do when the battery out of the blue bites the dust and the keypad neglects to acknowledge the number that l input?

A: The enrolled client can open the protected utilizing the Crisis reinforcement key

Q: Is it conceivable to settle the safe in a perpetual area?

A: Indeed, you can mount this safe forever on one area by essentially penetrating four openings at the base of the unit at that point catapulting it to a substantial protest, for example, the floor.

Q: Is it conceivable to quiet the sound blares that the protected makes?

A: Indeed, you can quiet the sound signals by squeezing a quiet catch which is situated on the topside of the unit.

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So, what’s the verdict of our Gunvault Speedvault SV500 review? We believe that this safe is a good option considering all factors including features and price.

The Speedvault SV500 is one of the highest rated on the market, and we believe you will find the ease of use and peace of mind well worth the price.

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