The Average Price of a Quality Gun Safe

What is the aver­age cost of a gun safe?

The aver­age price of a gun safe is based on a few fac­tors. The safe is either a gun locker and if they are a gun locker that is not fire proof, then the prices will usu­ally range any­where from $149 up to $349 depend­ing upon the size and the name brand of the locker.

Now if you are look­ing at a fire resis­tant gun safe, then you will find prices can vary widely.

The brand­ing comes into play very much so when you are buy­ing a gun safe.

Let’s start from the entry level gun safes and work our way up to the high end safes.

If you’re look­ing at the Chi­nese man­u­fac­tured gun safe, well you will be look­ing at a range of $399 all the way up to $1300 bucks. These prices are adjusted for the sizes and dif­fer­ent items such as lock man­u­fac­tur­ers. The next level of pric­ing for fire resis­tant gun safes will only have a begin­ning price and I will not have an end as there is a say­ing that the sky is the limit.

But, when you begin get­ting into the higher lev­els of steel thick­ness and added fea­tures and war­ranties, then you will be esti­mated be look­ing at an entry price of $1800 and up, again depend­ing upon size. Prices do fluc­tu­ate with sales and clear­ances, but it does leave you won­der­ing what you’re pay­ing for.

What am I Pay­ing For

On any home secu­rity safe or gun safe, whether it is fire resis­tant or just a gun locker or cab­i­net, your pay­ing for mate­ri­als and rep­u­ta­tion. Your pay­ing for the thick­ness of the steel and the extra hard­ened steel plates built into the walls or the door of the safe.  You are pay­ing for the fact of whether or not your get­ting a high qual­ity lock­ing sys­tem. You are pay­ing for the war­ranty you are promised either real­is­ti­cally or sim­ply implied. In today’s eco­nomic envi­ron­ment you will be pay a price for the costs of fuel, because it does affect prices on everything.

What is the national aver­age price for a safe?

The idea that there is a “national aver­age price” for gun safes, is not so much the truth as it is an idea to be used as a bench mark. Prices for any­thing, espe­cially for gun safes, is more sub­jec­tive and rel­a­tive to the dif­fer­ent items that we have so far dis­cussed here. But all of us here at have sat down and dis­cussed this sub­ject in order to come up with a price for a national average.

For a gun safe that is sized: 8 gun up to 14 gun– $350 up to $500

16 gun up to 28 gun– $501 up to $1300

29 gun up to 52 gun -$1301 up $3900

Is a More Expen­sive Safe Bet­ter?

The price of a safe makes really no dif­fer­ence if the safes are equal in qual­ity. There is the fact that a safe from a par­tic­u­lar man­u­fac­turer at the higher end of the price scale, will usu­ally have bet­ter qual­ity com­po­nents in it and will almost always have more options in it.

We do have a link on our side­bar that is a direct com­par­i­son that we have gone through and given the pos­i­tives and neg­a­tives of the top brands of safes. You can of course check that out and click to their sites directly and ask them the ques­tions we have tried to help you ask.

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