Editorial Policy

We at Gun Safe Spot ensure that all the content we publish is original and created by experts in their field. We may link our articles to outside sources, but before linking them, we make sure they are high quality and written by professionals within this industry such as gun safety experts or firearm manufacturers. Every article posted here has been reviewed by an editor on staff prior to posting it online.

The content we publish here goes through several steps:

  • First, we have to pick an appropriate topic based on our guidelines for what kinds of articles are allowed and suitable.
  • Then, after reviewing potential article submissions with a focus on factors like style, grammar structure flow readability, editors approve or reject them depending upon whether they fit within those parameters.
  • Finally, once approved by an editor it goes through one last step before being made publically available online.

Gun Safe Spot ensures all of the content we produce is original. We don’t allow any third-party contributors, and if a company does provide us with sponsored content it has to follow Gun Safe Spot’s editorial guidelines. We may publish some sponsored articles but only if that article meets our editorial guidelines.