Cannon Gun Safe Reviews – Are They Worth Buying?

Still on the lookout for strong, fire-resistant, feature-packed top rated gun safes?

How would you like to invest in Cannon gun safes?

Cannon’s not exactly the cheapest gun safes out there but you’d definitely have to consider getting them because of their unparalleled features!

Fire-retardant with internal sockets and USB slots?

How many gun safes can you find with such features?

Not many! In fact, only Cannon gun safes probably have them.

Don’t just take my word for it though. I checked out Cannon gun safe to find out what it is about these gun safes that make them a cut above the rest.

Top 17 Cannon Gun Safe Reviews

1. Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe – Heavy-Duty Safe For Home Use

Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe It’s a big safe guaranteed to accommodate up to 24 guns. If you’re a serious gun collector, this safe is for you. The front design has an old-world charm to it. There’s a rotating knob at the front and a Cannon insignia.

Need a bigger gun safe to protect your fire arms collection? Look no further. This can accommodate more than a dozen guns.

No wonder it has favorable Canon gun safe reviews – it can withstand up to 60 minutes of fire onslaught with 12000 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Don’t be fooled by its old school exterior. It’s a pretty technical device too. The inside has 110 V power supply and has also been equipped with USB port and Ethernet connection slot. You can plug a dehumidifier here.

Its 4-inch steel door will keep out unauthorized people and will make sure it’s indestructible.

It’s a big safe so you’ll probably need a hand installing or mounting it.

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2. Cannon Security Products WV-W-01 Wall Vault – Hide Your Stuff Here

Cannon Security Products WV-W-01 Wall VaultFirst of all, it’s a wall-mounted vault. The exterior is all white but has a black keypad found at the topmost part of the front panel.

You can mount it in a wall and hide it with a painting. Nobody would even notice it’s there!

The false compartment at the bottom is a clever design. You certainly can’t find that easily with other gun safes.

You can change your combination pass codes with ease.

It is crafted from strong stainless steel material so you can be assured that it’s indestructible.

There’s a back light inside. You’ll find this very useful when accessing the vault at night.

It has a roomy interior. Store not only your guns but also your other belongings in here.

You’ll have to make a hole in your wall to accommodate this built-in vault.

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3. Cannon Safe H8 Home Guard 75 Minute Fire Safe – Stronger Protection For Your Valuables?

Cannon Safe H8 Home Guard 75 Minute Fire SafeIf you’re looking for a typical stand-alone box-type vault that can withstand the attacks of fire, this is it. Inside, there are two shelves that you can adjust to fit your storage needs.

There’s a lot of room for your valuables inside! Guns, cash, even large electronic gadgets like laptops can fit in this.

It doesn’t budge. Nobody without an access to this can open it. You can also bolt it to the floor so it’s pretty much immovable.

75 minutes of fire protection. That’s more than what other gun safes are offering!

Inside the gun safe, there’s a 110V outlet you can use to connect dehumidifiers. There’s also a USB port and an Ethernet connection slot

It’s a pretty pricey gun safe but definitely worth the money for its amazing features.

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4. Cannon Traditional Gun Safe Series T27

Cannon Traditional Gun Safe Series T27This particular safe from the Traditional series features rounded edgers to add class while also adding strength to the body.

Inside you’ll find luxury oak face shelving, Tru Rack system with 22 gun capacity and interior lighting system.

The cannon T27 gun safe weighs 910 lbs and the dimensions are W-32 inches H-60 inches D-28 inches. The door thickness is 2-1/4 inches and features a 5-spoke handle.

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5. Cannon Gun Safe Series C35

Cannon Gun Safe Series C35The Cannon C35 gun safe boasts a beveled edge body with titanium-plated locking nuts to guarantee security.

Plus a 3-spoke handle and a 1.5 inch door with 3 layers extra-hard, 60+ RC steel hard-plate to protect the lock in-case of a burglary.

The interior features lighting and adjustable Tru Rack shelving with multiple users.

You will also be offered extras such as a electric dehumidifier and a door-panel pistol kit.

Dimensions are W-36 inches H-72 inches D-24 inches, Weight 890lbs and a maximum gun capacity of 28 guns.

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6. Patriot Gun Safe Series P14

Patriot Gun Safe Series P14The Patriot series P14 is the ultimate value for storing your valuable possessions.

With its huge 1 inch steel composite door, High-security commercial grade type 1 electronic lock and Triple fin in-tumescent cold smoke expandable seal that expands many times its size when exposed to heat to prevent damage to your valuables during a fire.

Inside the patriot you’ll find the fully adjustable Tru-Rack system plus the neatly fitted Upholstered finished shelving and inside walls.

The p14 gun safe comes in Matt black with optional Commercial grade Group 2 lock with key-locking dial, Electric dehumidifier and door-panel pistol kit.

The safe weights 400lbs has a maximum gun capacity of 12. Dimensions are W-22 inches, H-59 inches and D-20 inches.

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7. Cannon Safari Gun Safe Dangerous Game Series DG-7250

Cannon Safari Gun Safe Dangerous Game Series DG-7250A favorite among serious big game hunters the safari DG-7240 cannon gun safe, offers top rated fire protection and can store up to an amazing 36 guns comfortably and securely.

The DG-7250 features a massive 2-1/4 inch double door and a Serengeti Massive 1-1/2” steel composite door, 1.5” active-locking bolts – top, side and bottom, Titanium Nitrate coated 5-spoke handle and a high-security commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock.

The interior features of the DG-7250 cannon gun safe are the same as the traditional series. The weight is 1675 lbs and the dimensions are W-50 inches, H-72 inches, D-28 inches. These safari cannon gun safe series are highly recommended for serious big game practitioners who need to store large amounts of firepower.

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8. Cannon H8 & H4 Home Safes – Cannon Home Safes

Cannon H8 & H4 Home SafesCannon Home Safes and Office Safes Are required to Protect Important papers, coins, handguns or other valuables Securely & safely.

The cannon Home series offers the best rated,intelligent security for these ever changing times. In today’s fast environment, the old security deposit boxes restrict your access due to the opening hours of the bank. And with this you loose imitate contact with your valuables.

Cannon’s Home and Office safes will provide a ready solution to safely store your valuables within reach. Cannon Home an office safes are space conscious and a safe solution for all your personal needs.

These cannon home safes all come with a certified fire protection rating of 75 minutes.

High security double steel 1 inch thick composite door, 1 inch active-locking bolts for optimal security. High security electronic lock, extra-hard 60RC steel hard plate to protect the lock and true lock internal hinges.

The dimensions for the H4 Home safe are weight 196 lbs H 24 inches W 2O inches, D 18 inches.

For the H8 Home safe dimensions weight 287 lbs H 34 inches W 2o inches D 18 inches. Both safes have a 12 gauge body thickness and 2 interior shelves

The body of the home series safes come with pre-drilled bottom holes for bolting directly to the floor and a pre-drilled dehumidifier hole.

As you open the home safe you will find the interior is fully uploaded, walls and shelving and an interior light system has been added for clear view of your valuables. You also have the option of a dehumidifier, to prevent corrosion and rust to the metal valuables you secured inside your cannon home safes.

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9. Gun Capitol 12-Weapon Safe

cannon capitol 12 gun safe

Another weapon safe from the Capitol arrangement is this Gun 12-firearm safe, which is essentially a littler variant of the 24-firearm safe I have checked on above.

This weapon safe has comparable determinations and specialized attributes as the 24-firearm safe, however it has a large portion of the limit, which makes it simpler to store in a storeroom or behind the entryway.

It is an all rifle firearm safe with one extra rack and an entryway coordinator, yet the coordinator is something you need to make reference to before the buy.

This hard core firearm safe is made of rock solid steel and 12-measure entryway with 4 locking jolts that are initiated the minute you lock the electronic lock.

The flame security of this safe is equivalent to the one above which implies it can shield the inside from flame for around 30 minutes. The whole sheltered is endorsed by the California Branch of Equity.

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10. Gun Capitol 24-Weapon Safe

Cannon Capitol 24 Gun Safe

The Gun Legislative center 24 weapon safe is from the Capitol firearm safe arrangement and you can hide away to 24 weapons inside this thin firearm safe.

This Gun Capitol firearm safe accompanies the rifle rack and one extra rack you can use to store handguns and ammunition for the rifles. The entryway has an entryway coordinator unit so you can utilize the space inside the weapon safe totally.

This substantial Gun Capitol safe is outfitted with the electronic lock that triggers enormous locking jolts on the entryway the minute you lock the protected which makes this safe difficult to break into.

The hid pivots are ensuring that the sheltered remains shut and they forestall all pry assaults on the safe. The flame rating on this safe is around 30 minutes of flame insurance which is a pretty alright component.

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11. Gun American Eagle 24-Weapon Safe

cannon american eagle 24This is the littlest Gun safe in American Hawk arrangement that can store 24 weapons inside. The safe can store long weapons, handguns, and ammunition as it accompanies a rifle rack and flexible retires so you can arrange it how you need.

The Gun American Falcon firearm safe accompanies electronic locks which is the equivalent for pretty much every Gun weapon safe and they all appear to be identical.

They have a basic keypad used to enter the Stick number, yet that doesn’t mean it is anything but difficult to break into. The entryway of the protected accompanies the triple hard plate and 10 locking jolts.

The discharge rating on the Gun weapon safe American Bird arrangement is progressively great, it can ensure the inside of the safe for about 60 minutes.

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12. Gun Valley Forge 42-Weapon Safe

cannon valley forge 42

The Gun Valley Fashion weapon safe is a firearm safe that can hide away to 42 firearms in the inside. Much the same as different models in my Gun weapon safe surveys; this one can likewise store long firearms, handguns, and ammunition inside as it has racks and retires for that.

The Gun Valley Produce 42 firearm e-lock safe is a protected that is made of 14-check steel development and it accompanies electronic lock and 4 locking jolts.

Yet, this safe is additionally intriguing as it has a shoot assurance that keeps going around 45 minutes, which is directly amidst other Gun firearm safes.

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13. Cannon American Eagle 48-Weapon Safe

cannon american eagle 48This Gun 48 firearm safe can accumulate to 48 weapons inside because of the uncommonly structured rifle rack with extra customizable racks and an entryway coordinator.

Ensure that you have the spot for this safe in light of the fact that a Gun 48-weapon safe requires enough free space so you can open the entryway without inconvenience. All things considered, you should move around 616 lbs of steel to ensure that you know where you need to put it.

The electronic lock shuts the entryway and the licensed Tru-Lock interior pivots and 10 locking jolts ensure that the entryway remains shut until you open them with the correct Stick number.

The discharge rating on this safe is equivalent to with the Gun 24-firearm safe which implies it can withstand a 1 hour amid a shoot.

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14. Cannon 48-Firearm Safe

cannon 48

The Gun 48-firearm safe is one of those models that come without an exceptional arrangement which implies that it is the main model. This firearm safe that can save to 48 weapons in its flexible inside.

That implies it can store long weapons and handguns yet the precise number relies upon the kind of guns. Its ability is the main thing that is indistinguishable to different arrangement.

This weapon safe has better security highlights. It accompanies EMPL lock that enacts 12 locking jolts the minute you lock the safe.

The flame rating is likewise much better since it can give you an hour and a half flame security for your gun accumulation. All that is noticeable in the plan of the protected as this weapon safe has 845 lbs.

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15. Cannon Capitol 64-Firearm Safe

cannon capital 64The high-limit firearm safe in the Legislative center arrangement is this Ordinance 64 weapon safe which accompanies the flexible inside.

It has rifle racks and retires you can use to store long firearms, handguns, ammunition and different weapons like blades. You can pick the shade of the safe between the Hammertone Dark and the Hammertone Charcoal Dim which are really various shades of dim.

This Gun wide body 64 firearm safe accompanies an electronic lock that has an extraordinary triple hard plate within the way to avoid any kind of drill assault.

There are 6 locking screws on the entryway and the whole sheltered accompanies the 30 minutes flame assurance and, obviously, the California DOJ endorsement.

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16. Gun American Eagle 72-Firearm Safe

cannon american eagle 72

The Gun 72 weapon safe is the greatest in the American Falcon arrangement right now and it can store 72 firearms which are really noteworthy. It is alright for enthusiastic firearm authorities so the general population behind it realize that it must be choice.

The rifle racks, flexible racks, and entryway coordinators can accumulate to 72 weapons, yet the genuine number really relies upon the kind of gun you need to store inside the safe.

This substantial Gun weapon safe model is a monster and that is the reason the gun 72 firearm safe load of 770 lbs isn’t an astonishment.

The protected accompanies the electronic lock like different models and with a triple hard plate behind the lock to avoid drill assaults. Like different models, this one accompanies 10 locking jolts, California DOJ endorsement and a flame security that can last around 60 minutes.

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17. Gun Capitol 80-Firearm Safe

cannon capitol 80

The greatest firearm safe in the Capitol arrangement is the Gun 80-weapon safe and it is a brute. You need a great deal of room for this protected which is intelligent since the safe can stockpile to 80 weapons inside.

That is alright for energetic gun gatherers since it can store long firearms, handguns, ammunition and different sorts of weapons in a 660 lbs steel mammoth.

The Gun 80 weapon safe accompanies the electronic lock you can undoubtedly get to in the event that you have the correct Stick number since it has a straightforward keypad, however the lock is verified.

The sheltered accompanies the triple hard lock on the inside of the way to avert drill assaults and it accompanies the protected Tru-Lock inner pivots so you can anticipate that it should remain shut.

The shoot rating is again 30 minutes and I would expect longer insurance time for this size of a firearm safe.

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Cannon Gun Safe Accessories

You may wish to change you interior shelves or racks, or perhaps you need some touch-up paint for that nasty looking scratch. Cannon’s accessories come with everything you need to keep your  gun’s safes an, secure and, looking good for the years to come.

Cannon Gun Safe Accessories Security Safe Light

Cannon gun safe accessories Security Safe LightThe compact security safe light is a great safe accessories, Which allows you to quickly check out your safe controls clearly. Granting you fast discreet access when required and all without impairing your sight.

The security safe light comes with a push-button operation and simple magnetic attachment for fast an easy installment. It also features a red LED light with a 2 minute lighting cycle, 3V lithium batteries are also included.

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Cannon Gun Safe GunSaver Dehumidifier

GunSaver DehumidifierThe interior climate conditions of your cannon safe can vary a great deal due to the external atmosphere.The air that gets trapped in your cannon storage safe will drop and with no means to escape this cold air will turn in-to condensation. Your guns and rifles within the safe will be vulnerable to damage.

The Gun Saver solves this problem by heating the inside of the safe to 2 to 3 degrees warmer than the room temperature. It then circulates this warm air throughout the safe on a continual basis. Its this low even warm temperature which will keep your guns and other armaments corrosion free and looking great for years to come. Check out our gun safe dehumidifiers review here.

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Cannon Door Panel Pistol Kit

Cannon Door Panel Pistol KitAre you having trouble trying to fit all your pistols in-to your safe? If your answer is yes to this question then this cannon gun accessories kit will be the first upgrade you choose.

Cannon’s exclusive door panel pistol system is the best option for maximizing shelf space. And it will accommodate multiple pistols with its 6 configurable Velcro holsters for adjustable placement. The door panel kit requires no drilling or special tools, its easy hook design will mount on most cannon safe door panels.

So quickly upgrade your safe capacity and firearms accessibility by moving your handguns from the interior shelf to the front door panel. The cannon gun safe accessories is designed for unloaded weapon storage only.

Inside View Of Cannon Safe Manufacturer



In Cannon gun safe reviews, people like how reliable they are. They’re very solid and they really keep valuables safe and protected.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind spending a few more dollars for gun safe that not only has good security features but also fire-protection features. What about you?

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