Biometric Gun Safe Locks vs. the Rest

There are different types of locks such as the Biometric gun safe lock, electronic, combination and the manual key gun safe lock. Let’s see why the biometric lock system is better than the rest.

Biometric Lock System

Of all the gun safe locks, the latest and most sophisticated is the biometric lock system. These locks are becoming increasingly common due to their excellent security feature. A biometric lock scans the fingerprints of the owner and stores the data in its internal memory.

After this the lock will only open the safe if the owner’s fingers are scanned and recognized. This system allows the storage of multiple finger prints of those you want to allow access to the safe. Some advanced versions also allow the tracking of time and date of anyone who has accessed the safe. With the advancement in biometric technology, safe manufacturing companies are providing enhanced security by supplying the best and latest biometric finger scanning technology.

Most biometric systems come with an emergency key. This comes in handy in case someone unauthorized tries to open the safe. The biometric system in such cases goes in lock-down mode and can only be opened with the emergency manual key or a special code only known to the owner. As it is with everything that comes with amazing features, a biometric lock system comes at a premium. However, the security it provides for your guns and other valuables inside your safe is worth the extra money.

Other Types of Gun Safe Locks

Even though biometric locks are the best in the industry, there are others that can be taken into consideration. These locks have been around for a long time, some even centuries, and can be a good alternate for those who do not want to spend so much on a biometric lock system.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locking systems are equipped with digital keypads to enter numeric code for locking and unlocking purposes. Depending on the manufacturer, the number of digits you can enter varies. These systems are easy and fast to access with most safes now including the ‘mute’ option for emergency stealth situations. Electronic safes also have a built-in lockdown mechanism if anyone enters the wrong code repeatedly.

This however can be easily rectified with the owner’s emergency key that can unlock the safe when in lockdown mode. These safes offer excellent security but can be easily opened if they come across a really skilled professional thief, which usually only happens in movies.

Manual Key Safe Locks

These types of safes have been around for a very long time. They are no longer common because they provide feeble security and thieves can break into these with ease. There are safes that have other types of locks added with a manual but it is still not enough to give you the peace of mind you need. Make sure you make copies of the primary key and hide them somewhere easily accessible only to you or someone you trust.

Combination Key Safe Locks

The combination lock is one of the oldest locking systems being used. Since centuries safe manufacturers have used these for their safes. Most of the time the combination is preset by the manufacturer and the digits cannot be altered. The combination is a three digit code that is only known to the owner and manufacturer. If the combination is lost then the serial number of the purchase can be given to the manufacturer for retrieving the combination.

Comparing Different Locks

When looking at all these different types of locks you can easily figure out which ones fit your requirements. From the simple manual key safe to the high-end biometric system, it all depends on the level of security you want for your guns. If you live in a neighborhood where burglary is common then you will benefit greatly from the biometric lock safe. These are quiet and can never be tricked or pried open by thieves.

While the manual lock safes do provide a level of security from children, thieves who know how to pick locks can go through these like a hot knife through butter. Whenever you keep a gun safe in your house or office make sure to hide it from plain view. Having a gun safe means you have something valuable in store. In any case, your best bet is to go for an electronic or biometric gun safe.

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