Top 10 Best Air Rifle for Plinking & Hunting

The air rifle is a gun that uses compressed air to fire pellets. It has been around since the 16th century, with most of its development happening in France and England. Today there are many different types of rifles available for plinking and hunting purposes, so it can be difficult to choose just one. To help you out, we have compiled our top 10 list below!

Our Recommended Air Rifles

1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

The Crosman Benjamin Pirate is an air rifle that can also use CO2 powerlets. It comes with either a wood or engineered stock, and even has the option to come as a gun with removable stocks. The rifle includes both necessary silencer, 8 round repeater magazine (10 rounds for .22 cal/5 rounds for .177), 3k PSI tank which provides great amount of firepower but there are only 16 shots before needing refill on the Air Tank

This rifle is great for hunting creatures as large as coyotes, and you can adjust it to your preferences in the manual! The .25 gauge pellets hit harder than a .22. They keep their force better so they buck against wind more and go further into prey. Adjusting the rifle according to your preference will give you an advantage while hunting animals that are larger than squirrels or rabbits!

The Crosman Benjamin Pirate is the most accurate pellet gun on our list. It can get groups of under half an inch at 30 yards, which is exceptional for a compressed air firearm! The Benjamin Pirate is an overwhelming weapon, but in order to refill it you will need the connector unit which does not come with the air rifle itself. This weighty gun can be quite cumbersome when fully extended and pulling ten pounds of compressed air behind you wherever you go.

This air-powered rifle is great for both exercise and hunting. It’s especially useful because the tank isn’t regulated; it can swallow rather than taste all of your breath, making you burn more calories every time you use it.

2. Ruger Targis Hunter Max

Ruger Targis Hunter Max

The next choice on my list is the Umarex 3-9X32 Degree Ruger Targis Seeker .22 Compressed air firearm Combo. This gun has many advantages, such as being a single shot rifle that’s easy to load and use.

This rifle is ideal for target practice because of its customizable fiber optic sight and fixed front sights. It has a 4×32 mm scope with mounts to help you get the best view possible while aiming, as well as an automatic safety switch on top of it all.

This air rifle is exceptionally fast, shooting up to 1000 FPS. It’s quiet because it has a noise-reducing five chamber design. The stock of this gun can adjust to the weather conditions so you are never limited by what season or temperature it is outside! This two stage adjustable trigger gives you great accuracy while shooting and hunting small game in your free time all year long.

3. Gamo Silent Cat air rifle

Gamo Silent Cat air rifle

The next air rifle that we have tried is the Gamo Murmur Quiet Feline Air Rifle. This gun has a speed of 1200 feet per second, and it works with a single positioning system which makes shooting easier and more accurate than ever before!

This air rifle is ideal for hunting squirrels because it comes with an interchangeable barrel, which helps to reduce the noise created by firing. This makes it easier for you to get close enough and aim carefully without disturbing other animals in your surroundings. It also has a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel that absorbs shock when fired, making sure there’s less recoil on your shoulder or arms compared with traditional rifles of same caliber size.

The stock is made of a durable material and comes with twin cheek cushions for extra comfort. There’s also less felt recoil because the gun has an elastic cushion on it as well. Additionally, this air rifle includes amazing optic sights like front sight and back sight that seals off to be waterproof and fog proof so you can see clear images while shooting your target!

4. Crosman Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle

Crosman Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle

The Crosman M4-177 pneumatic siphon air rifle is an all rounder that can be used by both adults and kids. Despite being one of the less expensive models, you still get great quality like with other Crosman products.

The high-powered pellet rifle is a great choice for shooting rats, squirrels and other backyard pests. Since it’s semi-automatic, the accuracy is amazing and every shot will be accurate compared to manual rifles which require you to pull back on the bolt before each shot. It also comes with unlimited customer support so you can ask any questions about your gun or purchase replacement parts if something ever breaks!

While there are a few concerns that this weapon looks excessively similar to the M4 rifle it is named after, I think these cases could be unwarranted. This toy gun has enough features and design differences from its namesake that someone who doesn’t know any better would not easily mistake one for the other.

5. RWS Diana 34 Trigger – Best 22 Air Rifle

RWS Diana 34 Trigger - Best 22 Air Rifle

This air rifle is a stand out. It’s extremely reliable and precise, while also being one of the most affordable available at its price point. The RWS Display 34 shoots .22 rounds at 800 feet per second – which makes it even better considering how basic this gun really is! While some other guns may be close in ability to the RWS, they’re two times as expensive for nearly twice as much performance.

The RWS 34 is a great little rifle with features for both hunters and plinkers. The break barrel design makes it easy to use while also being very quiet when fired can make it ideal for either hunting or target practice. I would prefer the wooden stock because of its beautiful look, but if you are looking at this gun purely as an outdoor/hunting tool then I recommend getting the one that includes a polymer stock instead since they’re much more durable!

The Demonstrate 34 has a ventilated elastic butt cushion that provides comfort. It is lightweight at 3.3 pounds and features an ergonomic trigger for users’ convenience, as well as adjustable iron sights to help ensure accuracy when shooting targets down range or taking aim at different types of game outdoors.

The RWS is an excellent air rifle, but it has a few shortcomings. The Tru Glo sights are very effective in low light conditions and for this reason I would recommend the product to anyone looking for their first hunting gun.

6. Benjamin Bulldog Hunting Rifle – Best PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Bulldog Hunting Rifle

This is another Crosman PCP rifle that has some creative features and adaptability. The barrel runs almost the entire length of the gun, like with bullpup guns such as IWI Tavor or Kel-Tech RDB. This helps keep the overall size small while pushing out powerful .357 slugs.

This air rifle is unique because it has a 5-round rotational clasp and covered barrel. It’s quite light, which makes for easy shooting over long periods of time. You might be able to get through multiple slugs or fills before you’re ready to stop playing with the gun! While fun, this may not be ideal for chasing deer because there are better choices out there specifically made for that purpose.

7. Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

If you are looking for a new air rifle, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo is ideal! With its ability to blast at 1,000 feet per second, this 0.177 gauge weapon shoots rabbits and squirrels like nobody’s business or can be used as target practice or even on game day with friends.

The Ruger 10/22 is a great rifle for shooters of all abilities, as it has an adjustable stock which allows the shooter to change their position depending on what they are trying to shoot. It also comes with different scopes that will allow you have more magnification over your target if needed and includes additional mounts so you can easily switch from one scope or mount another quickly without having any issues aligning everything correctly.

This weapon weighs in at about seven pounds but feels much lighter due to its compact design allowing you ease when carrying around on long hunting trips. Lastly this weapon combines security features such as being able turn off the trigger safety while positioning your barrel onto something else like a tripod, bi-pod ,or sling making sure no accidents happen during transport

This rifle is a great addition to any collection of firearms. It has an easily adjustable scope making it easy for users with different levels of experience and skill, as well as the parallax setting makes focusing at 100 feet simple. There are two minor setbacks though: firstly, this gun tends to build up excess oil which must be cleaned after some time; secondly, overuse can cause the mount ring on top lose its tight fit so you may have to fix that every now and then too!

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle is an incredible starter weapon that can be used to chase little bugs or creatures. It’s sturdy and works well in outside conditions, so it makes a great choice for any beginner who wants their first experience with small game hunting excellent!

8. Benjamin Titan Hunting Air Rifle

Benjamin Titan Hunting Air Rifle

A trusty air rifle with wooden thumbhole stock, this unassuming option is accurate and great for target practice. At 1,200 fps (.177 cal) or 950fps (22cal), Gamo Magnum offers precise shots that are not available in other options of its class.

The Benjamin Titan won’t let you down, even if high speeds aren’t necessary. The trigger is customizable and the degree of speed is prepared to go. Benjamin has always been known for top-notch production, so it’s an air rifle that will stay around for a long time – one that I would keep in my arsenal during hunting season!

This gun is absolutely stunning to look at and feels great in your hands. In our testing the Benjamin Titan with the hardwood stock represents one of the best air weapon under $200 available on Amazon today. If you’re looking for a semi-automatic rifle, then we recommend checking out this model by Benjamin because it’s amongst their most popular items right now!

The Benjamin Raider is available in two versions on Amazon. The stock version comes with a mounted scope, and the hardwood stock rendition doesn’t have one. Our survey can’t conclusively say whether or not this model it’s better than other air rifles for hunting because they are all great at their own way! However, what we do know that if you’re looking to buy an affordable yet durable break barrel rifle then Titan might be your best bet as per our opinion after reviewing different models of air guns out there.

9. Benjamin Prowler Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Benjamin Prowler Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Our review would not be finished without the Benjamin Prowler Air Rifle. The Benjamin air rifle is an individual from the Crosman group of items, which also flaunts some truly magnificent protected innovation known as nitro cylinder. It gives it diminished backlash and expanded power all at once !

The Benjamin Prowler is a .177-gauge rifle that makes shooting more fun and easy. It has 70% less noise than other break barrel rifles, making it perfect for target practice or varmint control. This would be great to modify your hunting experience with its adjustable stock degree which will make this easier on the eyes as well!

A Crosman Air Rifle is a great choice for hunters and target shooters alike. A 4 x 32 mm optical scope comes as standard, making it perfect for hunting small game like rabbits or squirrels among others. The weapon measures 48.5 inches in length with an extension of 12 inches, which means that it’s easy to handle even during the heat of action when you’re out shooting birds or taking part in competitions at your local club! It also has a break-in time of 250 shots so there won’t be any annoying misfires due to poor quality materials used on the inside – quite simply this air rifle will deliver consistent results every single shot and provide hours upon hours worth fun without having to worry about anything else!

10. Swiss Combo – Best 177 Air Rifle

Swiss Combo - Best 177 Air Rifle

Swiss Arms is a Swiss weapons manufacturer with over 150 years of experience. They’re known for making extraordinary developments out their expertise, and they realize how to make the best items because that’s what matters most – accuracy.

The Swiss ARMS TAC1 break barrel air rifle is a spring fueled, rifled steel barreled gun that can be used with two hands. It has an ergonomic dark thumbhole stock and raised cheek pieces on both sides of the butt plate to absorb recoil energy when fired. The length of this gun measures 43¾”, while its weight comes out to 7⅞ lbs.; additionally, it features a 18½” long barrel for accuracy in shooting down targets from afar (Swiss Arms).

The Swiss Arms TAC1 cal break barrel air rifle shoots 0.177 bore pellets at 1200 fps, making it a great option for plinking and target practice. It comes in an affordable price range of about $100, while providing you with the opportunity to shoot off some rounds without having to spend too much money on ammunition while still allowing you to enjoy your shooting experience!

Air Rifle Buying Guide

To help guide our review, we looked at the following criteria:


It is important to have a rifle that’s just the right length. A long barrel will make your weapon more accurate, but it’ll also add too much weight and become harder to handle. The average size for an air rifle should be around 40-50 inches in total length, which means you need one about 4 feet long (with stock extended).


An air rifle is lighter than a conventional rifle which means it’s easier to carry. But this doesn’t mean all guns are lightweight! If you aren’t careful, you could end up with something that is very heavy and difficult to hold. You should look for one under 10 pounds because anything over will be really tough on your hands.

Pellet Caliber

Air rifles are available in two common pellet sizes: .177 and .22. For air rifles, the most frequently-used size is smaller (.177) because it’s lighter which makes it more powerful when they hit their target. It also doesn’t cost as much to manufacture or purchase this type of ammo compared with larger pellets (like ones that use a bigger gun). That said, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the heavier option if you’re into hunting small game like rabbits etc., just know that your rifle will be slightly harder to operate since these bullets tend go slower than others do for example.

Firing velocity

The most important factor to consider in an air rifle is how fast the pellet leaves the gun. Pellets that are .177 gauge leave guns around 1,000 feet per second (fps). Anything under this isn’t particularly good unless it’s using .22 bore rounds which typically left at 900 fps.

Firing mechanism

One of the best features found in an air rifle is how they shoot. There are a variety of different systems out there, each fulfilling specific needs. For example, variable siphon shoots pellets by manually pumping up the pressure required to fire them off. They’re reliable but can be tough work when you need to pump lots of rounds quickly into targets or enemies during combat situations that require quick thinking and decisive action on your part. These rifles are ideal for beginners who want something simple to use while learning about shooting techniques without too many moving parts involved with getting results where it counts most – at the scene itself!

The other most regular components are spring cylinders, nitrogen cylinders, and CO2. All of them work in generally a similar way: packing air into the gun to shoot out the target pellets. Although they all do it differently; while spring cylinder weights develop by utilizing springs , nitrogen gas is used for packed nitrogen rifles . Finally CO2 guns can be utilized for monotonous shooting but tend to cost more than others.


Your air rifle has two different types of activities: break and jolt. Break rifles are easier to clean, but only give one shot at a time; whereas Jolt rifles allow for multiple shots per trigger pull, but can be more difficult to load and harder to maintain.

Requriments to buy an Air Rifle

In many cases, you won’t be able to buy your weapon without showing ID that proves you are 18 years old or older. Some places may also require a criminal record check as part of the application process (under 21). You will need an accepted form of identification such as a driver’s license for proof and can expect it back in about two weeks after submitting all required documents/forms.

It’s ideal if you get your license before buying a new air rifle, as the laws vary by area and some people may not be legally allowed to buy their weapon until they’ve proven themselves approved. You should also belong in an association of shooters: in many areas it might be required that you’re part of state or national organization for your gun type prior purchasing one.

When purchasing your air rifle, make sure you get it from the right source. If not, this transaction could be deemed illegal and can result in some serious consequences for yourself. Furthermore, buying cheaper ammo may end up costing more money; sometimes only authorized sellers have access to offers that are too good to pass up on!

What is an Air Rifle?

Air rifles are the perfect survival weapons. They’re great for chasing and security, they’re moderate/not too dangerous or harmful, extremely accurate yet not very expensive to buy either!

If you are looking for a weapon to protect yourself during an emergency, consider getting an air rifle. It’s the one survival tool that will give you many advantages over other weapons on the market. Now I know what some of you may be thinking: why would someone who values gun ownership choose something constructed out of plastic and metal? However here are many reasons why owning this type of firearm is beneficial in comparison to traditional firearms. Of course, they don’t pack as much of a punch as genuine weapons. Yet, these are still powerful tools and can be used to chase or protect yourself with them.

  • An air rifle is a moderate weapon with shoddy and light ammunition.
  • There are less requirements to use the weapon or hold a license (but it is important that you check your local laws)
  • They are easy to maintain as they do not produce excessive carbon like regular guns.
  • Are an incredible method to begin learning or to show others how to utilize weapons and rehearse their aim
  • air rifle are an exceptionally hazardous and precise weapon when utilized safely.

Different types of Air Rifle

Many people think that they need to buy an airgun and then figure out which one is best for them. However, it would be better if you were able to choose from a variety of options before buying the gun because otherwise your choice might not fit all your needs. So many types exist on our website so hopefully this will make it easier for you when figuring what type works best!

To help you to make a decision, I’ll provide some key information. Airguns are divided into 3 groups based on their powerplant: spring piston guns, gas ram/piston guns and pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles.

Pneumatic Airgun – PCP

A pneumatic airgun utilizes compacted compressed to power it. The type of gun you get depends on the type and number of pumps needed before firing the pellet through a barrel. A multi-stroke or sometimes called siphon pump requires 2–10 strokes for enough pressure, whereas other types only require 1 stroke each time they are pumped up with pressurized pellets in them ready to fire at your target!

Multi-stroke pneumatics are the lightest and most minimally recoiling type of airgun available. The drawback to multi-strokes is that you have to use a lot more effort every time you want an accurate shot because it takes so long for another one to come out, which can take away your quarry’s opportunity at escape before they’re able to get up close again.

An airgun makes it easy to siphon up liquids. However, there is just so much you can do with one hand and the Multi-Stroke doesn’t work as well as I would like – too many factors in the pumping process for it to be considered great execution besides human error.

Spring Piston AirGun

When somebody says airgun nowadays, they are most likely referring to a Spring-Cylinder weapon. This is because of Dr. Robert D Beeman’s association with Weihrauch and Feinwerkbau who have made some great break barrel weapons over the years that people cut their teeth on when shooting an air gun for the first time.”

The break-barrel airgun is a fairly simple design that can be broken into two parts. To do this, you should hold the stock in one hand and use your other to separate the barrel from breech while holding onto both pieces of metal loosely with each hand. The process moves a cylinder inside backwards which compresses an extensive spring behind it at once time as well meaning there’s no delay between when you click on trigger and gun discharges bullet.

CO2 AirGun

CO2 airguns are powered by CO2 which is stored in either a 12 gram cartridge or tapped from a larger source. They use this power to shoot pellets at high speeds. This type of gun is relatively new since it can be found on some 10 meter match guns, but not all of them.

Match shooters use CO2 guns for accuracy at higher temperatures because temperature will impact the velocity and consistency of the gun. For this reason, they let their airguns sit in room temperature before taking them to a shooting range where it may take several hours to adjust to outdoor conditions.

Gas Rum Airgun

Gas rifles are similar to spring airguns in form, however the two operate differently. With a gas rifle, you pull back on an object that compresses compressed gas which then propels pellets down the barrel when pulled again by pushing forward with your finger.

The spring rifle is powered by the air that is stored in its gas chamber. When you pull the trigger, this stores compressed energy within itself- then when it’s released into a pellet or dart (or anything else), it releases all of that power at once and sends whatever was shot flying forward with tremendous force!

We hope you found our post helpful! If not, please let us know what we could do better in the future. Our team is always looking for feedback to improve and refine their work. Contact Us if you need advice on how to choose a new air rifle that fits your needs best!

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