BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Details Review

The BARSKA quick access biometric safe is ideal for securely storing your rifle, pistols & ammo. It is one of the best safe out there. Read on for details.

Quick Access is highly advanced when compared to ordinary safes because it features a Biometric scanner.

This means only you can access your gun, eliminating the risk of having strangers or even your children getting a hold of them.

All you have to do is use your fingerprint on the scanner and you will be given quick access to your highly secure safe.

The Biometric scanner will recognize your fingerprint in seconds.

If –god forbid- an emergency rises, BARSKA quickly allows you to reach out for your rifle or pistol in a moment’s notice. A single touch of your finger is the only thing you need to open it.

With this high-end technology you will no longer have to worry about safety of your property or children. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about losing the keys to your secure safe. The Biometric Rifle Safe is truly superior to ordinary safes.

The shape and size of this safe is ideal for storing rifles. In fact, BARSKA says that you can store up to four rifles in this safe (although we find two is more like it). In addition, you can also store other valuable items into this safe such as laptops, jewelry, documents, equipment, etc.

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This safe is also easy to use and quick to access. Thus, you can conveniently, effortlessly, and quickly store away your guns and open your safe and take out your gun in a case of an emergency.
BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Features

  • Quick Access through a single touch
  • Biometrical scanner that prevents other people from opening the safe
  • Silent Access
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Has emergency backup keys that offer an additional layer of safety
  • Comes with Mounting Hardware
  • One Year Warranty
  • Can Store up to 120 Fingerprints

Accompanies a removable steel rack

Weapons come in various sizes, on the off chance that you purchase a little firearm, you can change the racks for you to oblige it securely.

If you lean toward purchasing a rifle, you can too suit it. The removable rack is sufficiently able to oblige your firearm regardless of its size.

The plan of the weapon safe is basic in such a way you can undoubtedly expel and return it for supervision of your firearm.

You are required by law to store your weapon securely at home; the makers set aside opportunity to concoct a protected framework you can use to store your most loved firearm at home.

Barska Fast licensed barrel rests are incorporated

Weapons are made with various parts which assume a job in the shooting. The barrel is among the parts you should take great consideration to evade situations where your firearm will wear out after a brief time.

Keep in mind, you ought to have a sheltered where you can keep your weapon securely with the goal that it can keep going for long.

You are guaranteed the best with regards to protecting your weapon barrel after you resort to purchasing the firearm safe. It accompanies licensed barrel rests which will guarantee your weapon is remained careful consistently.

From Barska Brisk Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 Survey, numerous individuals adulate the working of the barrel rest. It makes it simple to store a few firearms in a solitary safe. 3-point locking Framework with twofold bitted key coded bolt

Before you purchase a weapon safe, you should keep an eye on the security highlights. It ought to be hard for somebody to break in and take your firearm.

You have a three-point locking framework with the goal that your weapon can rest in a protected place till you require it.

The twofold bitted key coded locks guarantee your weapon is constantly sheltered. Regardless of whether you remain in a place where you consider somebody can take your firearm or get hold of it before you can secure yourself, try not to be stressed on the grounds that the weapon safe accompanies a few locking focuses with the goal that you can generally have full control of your put away weapon.

Fireproof weapon safe

You should purchase a weapon safe which can protect your firearms even after your home has been burned to the ground.

Regardless of whether the most exceedingly bad occurs and your home is determined to shoot, you don’t need to stress over the security of your firearms. The weapon safe is made out of shoot retardant materials which will shield your firearms from consuming.

The innovation utilized in the produce of the weapon safe guarantees it ensures your firearm against discharge for up to 1400′ F.

It is among the most secure weapon safes you can access in the market on the off chance that you are searching for a framework which can ensure your guns against shoot.

You would now be able to purchase those costly firearms and store them in the safe. You will be rest guaranteed your firearms will be shielded from the two thieves and fire harm.

Simple to amass firearm safe

For security reasons, you ought to introduce your firearm safe in a place where no one from outside knows. You can purchase the firearms securely and have it introduced in your home independent from anyone else.

It accompanies clear directions and all the fundamental adornments you have to introduce it.

Simply search for straightforward instruments in your home and you will be prepared to introduce the weapon safe. It is even simple for you to set aside extra cash amid the establishment procedure since you will take couple of minutes to introduce the framework as opposed to enlisting a specialist for the establishment administrations.

Full-length piano sort pivot for more noteworthy quality

Dissimilar to different safes which have limited abilities to focus pivots, the depends on the Barska Fast on firearm safe are full length. The full-length configuration makes it feasible for you to have a solid framework set up which is hard for anyone to break.

The ideal structure of the pivots enables them to open effectively so you can rapidly pull back your firearm and secure yourself. The pivots open quietly with the goal that you can go after your firearm before the foe sees it. Your own wellbeing is ensured after purchasing the firearm safe.


Perhaps the best thing about this safe box is its Biometrical scanner. This scanner not only makes it easier and more convenient for the user to access his/her safe box, but it also makes it more difficult for anyone else to access the safe.

Also, considering that this safe features some high end technology, we can say that the price is very reasonable.

It has a silent feature which allows you to open your safe without alerting anyone, which can be vital in a crisis situation.

Has an aesthetically pleasing design.


Although the manufacturer says that you can store 4 rifles, it is more likely that you will have difficulties after the 2nd rifle. The inside Dimensions are 6.3″ x 9.7″ x 52. So, you will only be able to comfortably store 2 to 3 guns and some ammo in this safe. People who have a very large arsenal may want to consider purchasing a different gun safe.

The small space may not be able to hold large loaded rifles with magazines or optics.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where would you be able to purchase Barska Snappy Firearm Security Bureau?
A: You can without much of a stretch purchase the firearm safe on the web.
Q: What number of firearms can the Barska Snappy on weapon bureau hold?
A: The weapon safe can suit up to eight firearms.
Q: Would you be able to utilize the firearm bureau to store guns?
A: Indeed, you can alter the removable steel racks for you to suit diverse sizes of weapons.
Q: Is it simple to amass the weapon safe?
A: Indeed, you will simply adhere to straightforward directions gave and you can introduce the firearm safe in a vital area in your home.

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The conclusion of our BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe reviews is that this unit is a reliable, solid, and secure safe that provides quick access.

If you are looking for compact safe that has a Biometric fingerprint scanner, then this safe will be ideal for you.

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