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Gun Safe Spot is a celebration of the active, hunter lifestyle written by an experienced team who live, sleep, and breath their passions. We all love the gun! Each one of us at Gun Safe Spot is an gun enthusiast in one area or another. We cover a variety of Shooting & Safety equipment guides, tips, tricks, and reviews as you can tell by the categories on this site.

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to guns. We at Gun Safe Spot are like uncles who will scold you for every wrong turn, but with the goal of making your shooting experiences better! There’s a vast range in types and choices so much that they may overwhelm you into buying them all. Let us help guide you through this overwhelming world by giving relevant advice on each gun type, helping take away some stress during hunting season.

Our Mission

We love drinking beer and making crudely funny jokes, but we also pride ourselves on our immense gun knowledge! Our main goal is to help all the noobs with their hunting needs. We want them to become as knowledgeable about guns as us too.

  • Want to keep your guns safe and hidden? We will help you choose from a variety of options.
  • Our guides will help you pick the right holster. We also review tactical gear like ear muffs and flashlights to make sure that your outfit is complete. You can look great with our top choices in pants or shirts for any occasion!
  • Our guide to pellet guns can help identify different types of pellet rifles and pistols. We also have a section on terminologies used by professionals so that you are familiar with all jargon related to this topic.
  • If you’re looking to buy an air gun, we have tried out every type of model and accessory there is! Find our real-time reviews on the best models by clicking here.
  • We make sure you don’t blow your hands off by learning gun safety! You’ll be in good hands with our experienced and certified instructors.
  • We will make you LOL, You may laugh or cringe when you read our post depending on your sense of humor.

Why You Should Trust Us

You probably already know how we can help you. You might even be thinking, “my grandfather didn’t need a buying guide to tell him what to buy.” But your grandpa also wasn’t too concerned about quality either. Nowadays, people are clever and brands trick us into getting things that won’t last more than one use! We could all benefit from high-quality gear lasting decades instead of being tricked by shiny advertisements showing flashy guns not worthy of holding up for a few shots. So our reviews will allow you find the best options in terms of quality so these products don’t end up falling apart after using them once or twice.

Our Team Member

At Gun Safe Spot, we believe in the power of a community working together to produce quality content. We are not one those faceless companies that churn out useless articles like a mill; instead you’ll meet passionate people from all walks of life who have united under their shared love for everything about “GUN”.

Adam Robinson

Founder and Editor-in-chief

Hey this is Adam, I am a gun enthusiast and I love shooting guns. At an early age, I played with fake guns and toys, But when I turned 18, my dad finally took me to the shooting range for the first time. It was an experience that changed my life! Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on shooting. Now I have two beautiful children and a wonderful wife that puts up with my shenanigans. My passion for guns is still alive and well, although my wife thinks I am crazy for trying new things all the time.

I created this website and my goal is to help people find the best shooting gear for them. I have had an amazing journey with guns, and it has been both extraordinary and lonely. I hope you will join me on this new adventure as we explore the world of firearms together!

Scott Young

Co Editor

Scott Young

Scott Young is a gun enthusiast who enjoys firearms of all types, but especially the ones that you would typically find in movies. He always has his eye out for new guns to add to his collection and loves spending time at the range with friends.

He’s also an expert marksman who has won many shooting competitions over the years. Apart from being co-editior of gun safe spot, Scott is currently working as a self-defense instructor teaching people how they can defend themselves properly against attackers armed with knives or guns.

Linda Wiseman

Media, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Linda Wiseman

Linda is always on the lookout for the next big thing. She works with brands and helps us to find what they need. Linda’s background in media management has given her a keen eye, so she knows how to capture all of those moments that make people feel something. Born and raised in Guntucky (Kentucky), she is proud of her father who was a gun owner.

She loves anything gun related, so be prepared for pictures of weapons and videos about guns! Deep-Dish Pizza is also one of Linda’s favorite things, but don’t expect any recipes because it’s top secret information only available to her inner circle.

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